Worship from the Heart

We live in the heart of Australia – what a privilege! We like to think that Alice Springs is the beating heart of Australia. Some might think Australia has a dodgy ticker if that’s the case, but we know otherwise! We also know from living here that we are not ‘isolated’, but rather are connected to all. Our indigenous members remind us that we are all connected across this country, and God says we are all part of one family: one commonwealth, one family estate. If you’re living in the Alice, why not join us one Sunday morning? We meet at 9:30am and share in a time where all are welcome and bathed in the love of God.MeetingPlaceApril032016

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Reflection 14th July: 1 Kings 21

So this is the sixth week in our series on Kings. For 4 of those weeks we have concentrated on Elijah and his prophetic witness.